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Current issue with the wallet: Starting the wallet after a new install will most likely crash, though this only happens once.
This happens when the roaming data is created.

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- Metacoin 1(RIP) was released in 2014 and then re-released on a new (the current) blockchain on 11/19/2016

- A lot of information about the coin can be found at the > Announcement Thread

- Official ticker symbol: MET

Metacoin on crypto exchanges:


> Novaexchange

Technical Info

Average Block Time: 30 Seconds

Algo: Quarkcoin

Mining Rewards by block:

1-144,000 = 100,

144,001-288,000 = 80,

288,001-432,000 = 64,

432,001-576,000 = 51,

576,001-720,000 = 40,

720,001-864,000 = 32,  (8-15-2017 - current height is in this range)

864,001-1,008,000 = 25,

1,008,001+ = 20  ( A coin cap should be settled eventually)

Miner Info

GPU and CPU mining is possible.  For GPU mining try sphminer or sgminer versions with 'quark' algo or 'quarkcoin'. Nvidia users can try ccminer versions with the 'quark' algo.


Recent Updates:

(08-15-2017) - Website's back up on a new server.  The official explorer is also.  Forums are in the works.

Contact: person1030 on btctalk or user 'metacoin' on the forums